Friday, December 19, 2008

While Xiaoyu Practicing

Tekken5 .... love this standing so much
,specially when I kick ass someone :D
PS CS3 + intouse3


Gingashi said...

very cool drawing! Haha, I like that you put the old man in, I actually practiced using him for a while. Since I know a little chinese, it's funny hearing him say "Xiaoyu is dinner ready yet?"

Kanki said...

Incredible drawings. I am going to put you in favorites in Kanki ART.

PabloGP said...

I love TEKKEN!! I like your work!! is amazing!! Congratulation, I like your style. Today you have another fan. Congratulation, one more time.

Steve (My Dog Ate Art) said...

Good work Yassir - you should enable "Following" on your site - you'd get lots of visitors.

Angela Bondi said...

Tekken was my first game when I bought my PSX!
Happy to see you love this game too :)